The catalog for “The World After Us” is a collection of images taken by me and three other photographers in the studio, paired with research writing pieces about the body of work or specific pieces. My role in the design was to create the branding guidelines and ensure all the images would work with one another throughout the book. I chose images and where they should go and worked with the team to construct the layout and pacing of the book.                                    
Here is a collection of what I see best represents the work done by myself and the team of designers and artists who brought this to fruition. Photography seen here is a mix of my own, Olivia Overturf (the super rad mushroom photo was taken by her), Hope Glassel, and Jenna Marti. The selections were completed by Mary Widener of photographs I had taken. The assistance of setting type was done by Peter Green and Casey Phipps. To see the entire catalog visit                          
to download the online PDF for free.

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