Final Spreads
Using a travel story, about a city outside of the United States, from the New York Times newspaper’s “36 Hour” travel series, design a 6-page editorial layout for the story of your choosing. The page size for this publication is 8” x 10”. The design must contain a title, deck, folios (page numbers), captions, footers, and a sidebar with supplementary information about the city.

Capturing the tone of Melbourne and the context of the article is done through photos, fonts, and color choices. The photos are of locations in Melbourne or of what will be happening at those places. The sleek, sans serif font Futura is used to correlate with the modern tone of the city itself. The color of the text is changed to show relationships with sections of the body copy and assist the reader to follow through with the body copy. 
Futura - light, book, medium, heavy

Process Work
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