Server Farms. botanical media sculptures,
Don't throw out that clunky PC that runs Windows Vista, turn it into a planter and give it a new life. A better life.​​​​​​​
Server Farms. botanical media sculptures, Refraction.​​​​​​​
Phossils. fossilized media sculptures,
Phossils explore what these objects could become by exposing them to extreme conditions. Melting, cooking, blending, charring, you name it.
Circuitous Tools and Applecations. recycled e-waste tools,
From circuit boards trowels to the finest melted iMac-aluminum hammers, you can find it here.
The Wall After Us. e-waste and botanical installation,
It's all here, but on a wall. Growing and winding into one.
E-Towers. e-waste installation
Extreme Jenga.
Photographs for Nathaniel Stern - Studio - The World After Us Project 
This collection of images is photographs taken of sculptures made in the Stern Studio for the project “The World After Us”. Being the Art Director for the studio I oversaw all the pieces of work and ensured that they were fit into the overarching body of work while remaining individualized enough to stand out. We decided early on that we wanted the images of these works to be their own work which is what led to us taking the studio lighting to the next level and stylizing them with gels. These images are taken between 2018-and 2019 leading up to the Stern Studio’s exhibition for “The World After Us” at The Museum of Wisconsin Art: DTN Milwaukee - Saint Kate. Along with the catalog of the project filled with images and research writings.

The next grid of images were taken as a way to formulate ideas and to plan out what finalized shots should capture and look like. These were then brought into studio meetings and discussed among the group on what characteristics should be featured.
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